Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community & Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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The workshops take place at Gaia Sagrada Retreat. A sanctuary of 55 acres of pine and eucalyptus forest in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. If you long for community and awareness, then this is the campus for you. This is a place where heart centered beings can come out of the closet. A year round group of staff and volunteers (about 25) make the core of a community by supporting an international gathering of people serious about awakening, growing, expanding. About 30 new and returning participants come for each 12 day retreat. Over the years Gaia Sagrada has helped thousands of people to awaken to their true spirit.

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As builders we may radically change architecture in the near future building amazing structures, but to truly create communities will require an inner transformation. This is the work of Gaia Sagrada to awaken our spirit so that we can remember how to live together again as our brothers and sisters keeper. This community is an epicenter for raising your vibration, for growing past the duality of good angel, bad angel. If ascension is your goal, this could likely be your launching pad.

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Gaia Sagrada offer a serious but safe program to dive deep into your consciousness, to understand yourself and your place in the world. They offers a modality of ayahuasca and san pedro ceremonies along with sweat lodge and a nature portal in a nurturing community environment to help to move you to the next level in your spiritual evolution.

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