FAQ's & Terms and Conditions

What to bring to the workshop?

  • Bring work clothes for at least 6 days, (you will get dirty!), we have a washer and drier, it cost $5 per load.
  • A good quality respirator for chemicals and dust.
  • Good safety glasses are a must!
  • Ear plugs or ear muffs for loud equipment.
  • Long sleeve rubber gloves for hands on cement mixing.
  • Comfortable all day work boots. We use rubber boots that can be purchased in Ecuador (before you come to the retreat) if you don't want to travel with big boots. You will get cement on your shoes so please plan for it.
  • Wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. At high altitude if we have sun it is intense.
  • Small notebook or recorder, to take lots of notes and of course a camera.
  • Flashlight, best is small 3 cell hands-free worn on forehead.
  • A robe or pajamas for shower and bathroom trips.
  • We are high in the mountains so it gets very cool at night, so bring warm clothes, layering is the best way. If you are going to hot tub, bring a swim suit, (no skinny dipping ;-). If you plan to see the coast or the Amazons, dress for hot and humid.

Your Health
There are a lot of stairs or hills to climb at Gaia Sagrada so you need to be in good health, (we are at 9,000ft elevation). If your health is marginal in any way, with heart or blood pressure issues, breathing issues or bad knees please reconsider this trip. We are sorry at this time we have these challenges, but unless you are in good health it won't be easy. If you are in good health but inexperienced with high altitude coming to Cuenca a day or so early to get adjusted could be a good idea.

Medical Insurance
You are responsible to purchase travel insurance. While medical cost are very affordable here, any accidents can be costly and are your responsibility. However while you travel, coverage is very affordable, so play it safe and get medical coverage before you fly.

Agreement and Acceptance

By booking a "Dome Building Workshops", you agree and accept the following:

  • English is the language of the workshops, you must have a working level.
  • You agree you are responsible for providing your own safety equipment and work clothes and will not operate machinery or devices without them.
  • You agree you are in good health with no known medical preconditions and able to function at high altitude.
  • You agree to follow the directions of the "instructors" in safe operation of machinery and devices. Further you agree your disregard of those instructions will be cause for your leaving the workshop without refund.
  • You agree to provide your own medical travel insurance and understand "Dome Building Workshops" does not provide that coverage for you, it is your responsibility.