Cuenca……. UNESCO World Heritage City

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Cuenca, where we call home, is a city in the Andes but still has a small town feel in how friendly the locals are. You see friends and even strangers taking the time to greet each other and talk. They take long lunches to go home and eat with their family. We have a large farming population and year round growing climate so we have an abundance of fresh foods here at affordable prices. Cuenca is becoming more international every year. Emigrants from the United States alone are estimated at over 4,000 in Cuenca alone, close to 10,000 in the country.
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Elevation: 2,560 m (8,370 ft)
Weather: mostly spring weather but at this altitude we can have 4 seasons in a day.
Founded: April 12, 1557

Cuenca (Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca) is a city in southern Ecuador’s Andes mountains. It's known for its Tomebamba River waterfront and handicrafts including Panama hats. Its central plaza, Parque Calderón, is home to the blue-domed Catedral Nueva and the 16th-century Catedral Vieja, now a religious museum. The Museo y Parque Arqueológico Pumapungo displays ruins and artifacts from the Incan city of Tomebamba.
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