The Workshop Team
Stefan & Michael

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Michael Edwords
Workshop Instructor

Michael comes from a multi-generational family of builders. A student of architecture for some years he made some of the first shipping container conversions in to offices in the middle 1970's. That same period he began production fiberglass boat and mold making. Later a career as a captain and commercial diver Michael continued to build and repair boats in wood, fiberglass and steel. In the early 1990's he starting making his first domes and has been a domie ever since. Over 40 years of material research and building experience has resulted in the dome workshops with these designs. His passion is creating community that everyone can afford.

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Stefan Grimmonprez
Workshops and Travel Logistics

Stefan completed a lifetime carrier in logistics in a major food company in Belgium. Looking to new frontiers he immigrated to Ecuador 2 1/2 years ago to find his wife and is now a proud father of his new son and family. His skills in logistics are here to help serve the students with travel arrangement and the workshops. He speaks. English, Spanish and native language Dutch.