Latex Concrete

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Developed by Dr. George Nez to make rapid construction low cost building. They had to move entire villages in dam related population displacement. He designed a hyper shaped roof using fiberglass stapled over a wooden frame. Applying a slurry mix of latex and cement on to fiberglass screen with initial coats adding sand to the successive layers. With a shell about a half inch thick, this roof has lasted well over 40 years.
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We conducted trails with this material to see if we could make molded parts from this material. The result were what we think could be the world's largest one piece concrete roofing tile that two men could move by hand. A segment design requiring 32 parts for a 6 meter dome (20 ft). We see this material a has a lot of applications to replace toxic polyester resin fiberglass with a cement based product at a much lower cost that survives the strong sun.
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