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EPScrete is expanded polystyrene (EPS or styrofoam) mixed with cement to form a very light weight concrete. You can recycle the largest volume consumer waste product in the North American landfill into a lightweight, user-friendly and performance-enhancing additive for concrete, the world’s most common building material. We will create the mix and mold sections for a 20' (6 meter) dome.
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We recommend you consider this material where you can buy it cheap or better get it for free as a recycled product. It has a few advantages over foamcrete. It has a higher insulation value, and in our test stronger then foamcrete. Further it is easier to mold, it can be hand packed to build up thickness, better for shaping outside of a mold. EPS without cement mixed has better thermal properties but requires expensive molds to shape and as a virgin product is more expensive then recycled material. EPScrete is very easy to shape or mold without the high costs of a new and shaped product. Of the 4 products we build with this is the newest in development. If you search it out in youtube (EPScrete or EPS concrete) you will see it is very popular in cold Russia.